So frequently I hear a tedious conversation between my colleagues, “PHP is better than foo”, “.NET is better than boo” etc. etc. Each time I hear this sort of dialog I try to ask the reasons of this comparison but till now, no one has given a proper answer since somehow it’s impossible.

Up till now, I’ve coded with JavaScript, PHP, C# and little bit Python. I’m still a newbie in programming industry, but at least I had a lot of mutual projects with some experts. The result of being a part of those projects, taught me how to tackle a problem, how to choose an adequate tools or language and prepare the environment to solve it. Almost in all cases, indicating the programming language wasn’t the bottleneck. However, we did that with considering the problem’s parameters. Design a good architecture and implementing it correctly was the main goal in our projects.

I’d like to point it that obviously, the programming environment is not the only parameter to have a robust application. The most major parameter to have a good result, is the knowledge of programmers, not the facilities of programming languages. I don’t use more than 50% of programming languages features in the progress of development, and I bet no one else will either.

As time passed by, old-fashioned programming languages get retired and new technologies come into the battlefield. Consequently, it’s not a value to know a programming language well, it would be better if you know the concepts.

DISCLAIMER: Above writing is my thoughts and obviously you don’t have to be agreed with necessarily.