Nowadays using HTML5 technologies to develop web pages are become more commonplace and consequently HTML5-based libraries are become more popular. CreateJS is one of popular and successful libraries for creating rich HTML5-based web pages.

 What is CreateJS?

A suite of Javascript libraries & tools for building rich, interactive experiences with HTML5.

CreateJS consist of four different libraries and each one is responsible for specific part of HTML5 technology.

  • EaselJS
  • TweenJS
  • PreloadJS
  • SoundJS

With combination of all parts you can develop a rich web application easily.

 Getting Started with CreateJS

If you want to start learning CreateJS as fast as possible, “Getting Started with CreateJS” book with Packt Publishing is a good starting point. It’s a step-by-step tutorial for all CreateJS subsets. The book consists of many practical examples that help you to learn faster.

Getting Started with CreateJS - Cover.jpg

If you want to start learning CreateJS now, this book is a right choice for you.

Read more about the book here, in Packt Publishing website.