I’m Afshin Mehrabani, a programmer. I’m living in Dublin, Ireland and currently I’m a full-time software developer at AYLIEN. Also, I’m studying MSc Computer Science at Dublin Institute of Technology. I spend a lot of money on buying computer accessories, including keyboards and mouses. Unlike most of programmers / software developers, I’m not a photographer. I play Dota2 (1.5k MMR) in my spare time.

The purpose of this website is to share my experience and thoughts about almost everything. If you spend some time to read my blog posts, please accept my apologies if you see grammar errors. I try to learn a little bit of English everyday and it would be great if you let me know those errors by sending an email to me.

If you like to contact me, please send email to afshin.meh at gmail period com. My resume can be downloaded from this link.