If you are actually living (not just surviving), you have probably experienced many disappointments in your journey. However, if your growth in life is following a linear function, then probably you are not alive or it’s better to say, you don’t want to. It is likely that you don’t do anything exciting in your life or you prefer to take a safe path and not taking any risks in your lifetime.

Imagine this chart:

Growth in life - linear


Above chart illustrates a boring life. Bullshit. It means you don’t enjoy your life and one day you will get bored of and you will regret the decisions you could have made but you didn’t. It doesn’t really matter if you are following a y = x, y = x/2 or y = 1. This is a boring life.

Whereas, consider this one:

Growth in life - better version

This one shows the growth of someone that wants to take a risk. Wants to experience new things and explore the world. If you ask yourself that you really like to take a risk and make a change in your life, the answer of your heart is “yes”. We, as humans, have something that no animal has. We are in charge of our lives and we have to accept dark moments to gain more.

I decided to write this post and share my opinions when I experienced a terrible situation a few days ago. This is what happened.



About 4 years ago, I decided to start my own software company and spend my time on what I wanted to. I did that and I spent a year to establish the company with my friends.

I was young and I didn’t know how important contract and legal work is. We started the company, I built the software but I didn’t have anything to prove that I own a part of the company (slow clap).

One of the guys designed a fake argument and as a result, they took my share of the company. And yes, they had access to the entire source code. I didn’t have any other choices but to start from scratch, again. I started interviewing with a few companies. It was unbelievable. I can’t explain how terrible that feeling was.

I spent a week at home to think and relax a bit. Then I said to myself, I have to start my own open-source project. I don’t remember how I came up with this decision but the result of that decision was Introjs.


Failure, again

A few days ago, I experienced one of my darkest moments in my life. I heard a disappointing news, and I had to accept that. There were no alternatives.

I signed a game changer contract but after a few weeks, the company forced me to terminate the contract, due to a ridiculous legal problem. The reason is not important though.

I spent a week, analysing my life, my goals and what I really wanted to do. I had two options. To keep thinking about the negative and dark parts of my life, and that event. Or, take advantage of what happened. I took the latter path.


What I’m going to do?

I decided to work harder. Prioritising tasks in my life and spending more time on the important ones. Reading more books and using my spare time better.

Just because that thing happened, it doesn’t mean I will use it as an excuse.

I made the decision to work on Juggernaut and start my dream project, Streamer.js. I will publish the updates soon.


To be continued…

I wrote this blog post as a reminder for myself. Those things have happened to me and it is very likely to experience the same situation again in the future.

Everything that happens once can never happen twice. But everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time.

I wrote this post to have something to refer to.  Stay strong, keep going.