Dendi is one of the most famous Dota2 players, because of his abilities in playing with Pudge. Last night, as a part of The International 2017, Dendi played with an OpenAI bot.

The funny part is, he lost the 1 vs. 1 two times and then he said, “I give up!”. Apparently, the bot was so accurate.


Blocking creeps

When it comes to blocking the creeps. the bot played much better than Dendi. This is the first game when the bot blocks creeps.

In the second game, there were two lines of creeps but the bot managed to block both lines very nicely.


First blood

In the second game, the bot drew first blood in a very complex situation. Under the tower with half hp.

And the nice part of this fight is, the bot used his 3rd skill (not first or second skill) to accurately hit the target.



This is so amazing that Dota2 introduces AI this year. Probably, something more important is going on behind the scene. We have to wait and see how AI and this relationship with OpenAI would affect the experience of Dota2 in the future.

This is the official blog post from OpenAI team that explain the process of training the bot and techniques that the bot can utilize to defeat the opponent: